We are always seeking new and driven individuals who are excited by our approach and share a forward-thinking mindset to challenge traditional practices and embrace a technological focus within the property industry. Whether you are seeking to join as a commercial investment agent, consultant or an associated agency, we would like to hear from you.


Business Executive Assistant to work closely with the CEO in all areas of our business.

We are a modern commercial property agency, known for our tech focus and forward-thinking approach, with an expanding international network. We are seeking an individual with drive and ambition to help the CEO run and expand our business.


You will be involved in the general running and success of the businesses, promotion, supporting our franchisees and liaising with clients. You will be encouraged to propose new ideas in all areas to help our growth.



Singer Vielle is a unique, tech-enabled commercial property investment agency with a high online visibility. The agency is recognised as having established a forward-thinking and online approach to commercial property sales, having developed an industry-leading understanding of website and online marketing for both our business and properties. We have built unique & proprietary technology, clicktopurchase®, to enable property to be legally purchased online for the first time; this has included world-first use of blockchain technology as part of the transactional process.


We have expanded internationally with franchise partners currently operating in Scotland, Ireland and South Africa.


Role Overview:

We are seeking an experienced, dynamic individual to work alongside Neil Singer, our CEO, as his ”right-hand person” with a forward-thinking approach, commitment and drive to support and help expand and run our businesses.


The role involves dealing with general business matters, property and business marketing (experience/skills with online media is a benefit) including assisting with website/marketing platforms, client liaison/management, franchise network promotion and general support. Experience in the property sector would be helpful but not essential.


This is a boutique office environment in Central London but interacting with our international network.

Reliability, attention to detail and pride in your work will be integral parts of your work ethic. A creative streak will be helpful but not essential. There will be few roles offering such diverse and unique opportunities within the property and technology sectors.


Degree level education would be appropriate. Salary subject to experience but anticipated between £35,000 to £45,000.

We are a unique tech-focused commercial investment agency based in Central London with a high online presence, international reach and proprietary execution software.


We are seeking a driven, energetic, forward-thinking Commercial Real Estate Agent with a modern approach to business to expand our team.


The role provides the opportunity to work within a dynamic environment enabling you to uniquely develop your skills in the areas of the agency, marketing, law, and technology.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Develop new client relationships and identify sales opportunities
  • Maintain existing client relationships in respect of sales and acquisitions
  • Manage the sale process for properties, maximising our technological approach
  • Undertake marketing campaigns with our team
  • Close sales using our online executive platform clicktopurchase®
  • Embrace new technological processes


Key Requirements: 


  • Innovative and open-minded in your thinking with a passion for change and new ideas
  • A healthy attitude to embracing technology and the way agency is evolving
  • Previous commercial real estate investment experience within the UK industry (preferable but not essential)
  • Career driven with strong work ethic, self-starter who takes initiative
  • Strong communicator, both written and oral


We look forward to speaking with you further.

We are seeking a developer to join our team working on our exciting property execution platform. The clicktopurchase platform features property audit trails, digital signatures, blockchain, widgets and many other interesting architectural and customer features. We are looking for a team player, passionate craftsman who enjoys getting into good and bad code in order to make systems less complex and more manageable. A good programmer, solid technical ability, but also the desire to satisfy requirements while constantly striving to improve our offering.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Enhance and maintain existing codebase
  • Expand our workflow to feature other territories
  • Work with our designers to improve the UX
  • Identify and implement key features to improve code
  • Streamline code for change in key areas
  • Help improve our use of AWS, document management, CI/CD


Required Skills:


  • Pragmatic mindset and fast learner
  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented paradigm
  • Knowledge of Service-Oriented paradigm
  • Good working knowledge of architecture and design patterns
  • SQL Server Management (T-SQL/Stored Procedures/DBCC)
  • C# programming, including MVC/Razor
  • MSMQ and other messaging queues
  • JavaScript (Native JS a must)
  • HTML5 (and various API)
  • CSS (Latest cutting cross browser features)


One or more of the following would be a huge bonus:


  • Blockchain RPC API is a strong plus
  • TypeScript is a strong plus
  • Good CSS/Graphic ability is a great benefit
  • Web Development (Service Workers/Manifests/PWA/Intersect Observer/Other browser features)
  • oAuth, SSO, and related authentications for API like JToken, Bearer
  • Understanding of the property industry




  • There are a number of Console Applications written in C#, an MVC marketing website, and an administrative management system.
  • The systems are geared to provide transparency and accountability to the property execution process.
  • The property information is added to the system, documents are uploaded, a KYC process is adopted, offers are made and accepted, contracts are generated and the blockchain is used as an immutable audit trail, with NFT (tokenization of property).
  • There is a “chatbot” auctioneer, Real-time auctions, and much more built by our team. It is an exciting project to be involved in, as we push the boundaries of the property industry. The right developer will help us mold the product and improve it in every way.


Work Expectations:


  • Work from home, four days per week, occasional meetups and design discussions. deliverable every fortnight and monthly.
  • The ability to take instruction and give ideas, good communicator, work alone and together with the lead.
  • The team will consist of you and another developer, a graphics designer, and a web designer.
  • You will be expected to deliver with good decision-making skills, be pragmatic, and be highly skilled at programming.
  • The following is a guide to the skill level. We understand that years of experience, degrees, and others do not matter as much as your actual ability.


The following is a rough guide:


  • 10+ years experience
  • Ability to design and build a complete project in .NET yourself
  • Strong database and programming skills
  • Ability to learn new frameworks and languages easily
  • Accepts criticism of work, accepts code reviews and is mature about our work and communication