How We Sell

Since its launch, the Singer Vielle property marketing platform has gained recognition, from buyers and sellers alike, as industry leaders in delivering a superior property marketing service for the disposal of real estate investments. Our unique and modern approach delivers significant and proven advantages over the traditional methods.

The benefits of our market leading approach, available to all members of our network, include:

How We Market

Watch to see why we are considered leaders and experts in the sale of commercial property.

Our Modern Marketing Approach

The Singer Vielle Network has fully embraced the power of social media to assist in expanding our marketing reach to property investors. Every real estate investment we market is promoted on multiple social platforms.

Our World Reach

We provide an established understanding of the most effective methods to raise awareness of commercial investment opportunities. Our marketing campaigns are read and viewed internationally. Furthermore, through our network, we are able to offer additional direct marketing into local markets.

Property investors regularly register on our sales platforms. At in 2020 we distributed over 2 million emails with a 99.6% delivery rate.


Our Online Presence

As proof of our impressive online presence, the percentage of organic traffic to continues to maintain a healthy level, averaging 26% during 2019 and 2020. Visitors who are considered organic find our website after using a search engine like Google or Bing, so they are not “referred” by any other website. 


Our network partners are provided with the expertise and support to boost their individual presences which adds a further layer of reach when selling commercial property investments. 

Mobile Responsive

Our marketing websites are fully mobile responsive, enabling property investors to engage when on the move.


The percentage of traffic viewing from a mobile device increased to 36.8% during 2020 from 30.2% the previous year 


Online International Traffic

The percentage of new visitors compared to those returning to continued to maintain a high level in excess of 80% during 2020. 


The percentage of international traffic to maintained a high level during 2020 at 30%, demonstrating our international reach. 


The international network partners are also building their international reach. 

YouTube Channel

YouTube video channels demonstrate the level of engagement we are able to raise.


The number of video views at has passed 340,000.


Videos viewed on our YouTube channel increased by 21% in 2020 compared to 2019.


Viewers from abroad increased by 71% during 2020, once again demonstrating our international reach and depth of marketing.


On Screen Engagement

We enhance engagement with buyers on-screen by:

Hangouts, Webinars and Debates

Regular CPD Accredited Google Hangouts and Webinars promote further our online presence.


These can be viewed online live, or at our YouTube Channel, as well as being available to download as podcasts.

Client Dashboard

Clients are able to track the effectiveness of our marketing at the Singer Vielle Client Dashboard. Track your property sales process.


Singer Vielle has created the clicktopurchase® platform which enables property, for the first time, to be legally purchased online.

The clicktopurchase® platform which enables property sales to be progressed digitally, fast and efficiently, removes the traditional delays associated with property transactions. 

clicktopurchase® Blockchain

clicktopurchase® in the first platform worldwide to record live property transactional data in an immutable Blockchain ledger. 

Singer Vielle was world first in selling a property where the contract was executed online with the assistance of Blockchain technology.

Online Auction

Watch the video to see the clicktopurchase online auction in action on the Singer Vielle website.

We operate auctions online in real time, operated by one of our team, or the Artificial Intelligence Auctioneer “gAbI”.

International Network

Our unique international network will provide an additional level of marketing whereby Singer Vielle and the network partners can provide interaction with our international partners’ online presence, thereby offering another opportunity to identify a wide range of investors.

For unrivalled property marketing, investment opportunities, buying or selling, please contact us now.