Tech-enabled International Agency Network - FAO Matthew Cohen, CEO, Gross Waddell ICR

A Unique Business Collaboration Opportunity

Dear Matthew



Following our recent conversation and correspondence, I would like to share with you this overview which I hope you find useful.


We will be in Sydney and Melbourne in the early 2023 so hope we have an opportunity to progress our discussion then, if not beforehand.


We look forward to speaking with you again




Neil Singer

CEO, Founding Partner

Why We Have Made Contact

We are not a technology business.  Instead we are a tech-enabled commercial agency which has developed proprietary tech for my agency.  

Such was the success for my agency in  winning business ahead of the competition, given the unique offer, that we now offer to partner agencies internationally.

We are expanding rapidly and would like to explore with you working together.

A Total Solution

No other agency network has these proven features, delivering a total solution.

Our Unique Offer to the Network

A unique, superior, progressive, and proven tech-approach which wins business

Our International Network offers an unrivalled and enhanced marketing reach

A true international collaboration

How We Sell

A unique and market-leading approach to deliver the best in class promotion of properties, reach, online execution and audit trails.

World-first in many areas!

Digital Property Execution - world-first with a proven and extensive track record

A Faster more Accountable and Transparent Process of Selling Property





The Online Methods of Sale

Properties are sold by the following methods of sale:


Private Treaty

A clicktopurchase® offer is a legally binding commitment by a purchaser which, if accepted, results in an instant online exchange of contracts.


"Best Offers" / "EOI" / Tender

If selected, a sale can be concluded by an online binding “Best Offers” / “Expressions of Interest” / Tender.

We uniquely offer an immutable and totally transparent audit trail in relation to the process of buying and selling real estate

The Client Dashboard

Real Time Activity Reports

When we are selling property, clients have access to real time activity reports to see exactly the interest generated from our marketing. Selling clients no longer need to ask for an update. This is available at a click so when selling vendors have exact knowledge of the market reaction to their property.

Analytics for Your Client's Property's Website

Statistics on Emails

Distributed, Opened and Clicked

Schedule of Interest

Viewed in Real Time

See All Transactional Activity in the clicktopurchase® platform

Case Studies

"SAPX" Appointed to Sell a $200m+ Portfolio at Launch

At launch in 2021, the South Africa Property Exchange (“SAPX”) was in a powerful position to provide unique and leading marketing, execution and knowledge to clients seeking to dispose of property assets. 

In early 2021, the Public Investment Authority was seeking to appoint an agency to dispose of a significant portfolio of assets. The “PIC” followed a tender process and appointed “SAPX” operated by The Empact Group.  

Despite “SAPX” being a totally new entrant to the market, Empact (and JLL) were appointed to market the sizeable portfolio as a testament to the marketing and technology offered by being part of the Singer Vielle Network.

We are very proud of a network member being appointed at such an early stage, a clear vindication of our approach..

Units 1-5 New Inn Centre, Taff Street, Pontypridd CF37 4UE

Singer Vielle UK were instructed to offer this retail investment on behalf of receivers Kroll.

The property had a number of issues, including being located within a flood zone.  A variety of parties nevertheless expressed an interest in the investment.

A leading party had indicated they would submit a legal online clicktopurchase offer at £1.05m.  In the meantime a second party expressed interest at £1m and indeed submitted a legal online offer at this level.  The party promising £1.05m then submitted a legal offer, not at the level promised but instead at £950,000. As a result, the £1m offer was immediately accepted and an online legal offer formed.

A demonstration of how our the tech platforms and approach removed the risk of going “under offer” and suffering a “chip” at the point a contract is expected to be formed.  Instead, speed, certainty, accountability and transparency.

Furthermore, the entire process is recorded in the clicktopurchase blockchain ledger – a unique and fully transparent audit trail.  

Video Testimonials

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We use all modern methods of marketing and communication. Investors can choose any number of ways to receive notifications of our new property sales to boost exposure:


Investors who register on our databases; receive alerts on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook; follow us or join our LinkedIn groups; click the red bell on one of our home pages to receive on-screen messages.

We share with our network partners our many years of experience as property professionals adopting a tech approach.  We first commenced building our proprietary platforms as far back as 2006

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